Jessica Wilkerson

Small Business Consultant

In 2014, I decided to resign from my job and start my own business. I started my business as a franchisee before I launched my own brand. When you offer a service to the world, you have to be transparent about what you do and have a spirit to serve. I do not claim to have a degree in business! I just knew corporate America made me feel some type of way and although I excelled at those jobs, I was never content. So in 2014 I decided to JUMP! I was going to follow my gut and stand on my prayers and go for it. I went for it with little to no money and resources. All I knew was that GOD was going to make a way and everything was going to be ok. True enough I bumped my head and had some moments where I had to pray harder and push a little harder. I had jumped into building a business while trying to operate a business that needed "people" in order to stay in business. So who can I convince to come work for me and I will pay them once the money start coming in? All the while I am accumulating monthly overhead cost. Besides the things that were happening at the fore front, there was the behind the scenes action that I was unaware of. Taxes! I was just getting an understanding of filing my personal taxes, now I have a business to report and had not kept up with anything but receipts that faded over time. Operating a business was so much different than a hobby or side gig. Of course I knew how to "hustle" so to speak but was clueless to what registering with the state meant, how important legitimizing my business was, the tools needed to monitor cash flow and expenses, all the other "stuff" that came with owning and operating a business. I then began to dig deeper and educate myself. I did more reading. I took more classes. I did more networking. I invested more time. I invested more money to get the right people to help build a better brand. I had to understand what I was doing and why. 7 years later, I am still standing and even though I had to go through some things, it was all for a purpose and why I do what I do.

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